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Backlinks are links that direct the user back to your online business' website from another website or from pages from your own website. In an ideal world, the user of a search engine would type what that user was looking for into the search bar. The search engine will then inform the user of the content that is relevant and organize that content from the most relevant to least relevant. Although this is what the search engines supposedly do, the process can be rather complicated. The objective of using backlinks is to improve the search engine ranking and increase website traffic.

LinkHelpers believes that the ideal search engine link is a link that is the best match for the user's request and contains high quality content. In a perfect world, this ideal link means that there is no need for the user to continue searching since the request has been satisfied. LinkHelpers strives to create these ideal backlinks because high quality backlinks result in improved search engine rankings for the customer's online business' website and increased website traffic from potential customers. LinkHelpers only build high quality backlinks that have quality content. LinkHelpers believes that anything less is a waste of the customer's time and money. LinkHelpers understand that the name of the game in building backlinks is an improvement in search engine rankings and an increase in website traffic by potential customers.

These days, one of the most common methods of building backlinks is the reciprocal method or exchanging links. Basically, this is where two websites of the same or related niches agree to exchange links. Recently, this method of building backlinks has been criticized because it favors on party or the other. LinkHelpers doesn't believe this is true. However, LinkHelpers no longer uses this method of obtaining backlinks, but for entirely different reasons. Some unscrupulous webmasters have recently started removing the reciprocal link from their websites after the agreement. This does in fact leave the LinkHelpers' customer's website high and dry. That party sees no improvement in the search engine ranking or an increase in website traffic.

Another method that LinkHelpers doesn't use is link farming. While the backlinks that these link farms offer might have been highly rated by the search engines at one time, it is usually the case that they no longer are. Another problem with links farms is that the quality of the content is usually very poor and oftentimes not even relevant. When this happens there is no way that the LinkHelpers' customer will ever see any improvement in the search engine ratings for their online business' website or any increase in website traffic by potential customers.

LinkHelpers also doesn't participate in link buying. The majority of the backlinks that are purchased from a link selling service contains content that is usually reproduced across numerous other websites. This is of no value to the user, the customer, and especially to the search engines. LinkHelpers believes that these methods of link building will not provide sustainable results, although they might produce short term results.

LinkHelpers also believes that the only method that will result in an improvement in the search engine results in an online business' website and an increase in website traffic is by combining SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques with high quality, relevant content that will help to convert potential customers into paying customers. LinkHelpers only builds high quality backlinks that will improve our customers' website rankings by the major search engines and increased website traffic.